About Us

Made in the USA


Call us old-fashioned, but we still think “made in USA” still means something. Our mountain bike shorts, jerseys and apparel are always sewn in the U.S. We are dedicated to sourcing domestic fabrics whenever possible.

Low Flat Rate Shipping

Low Standard shipping fees in the US. Just $15 flat rate for all Canadian customers.


Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind our work and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty covering all craftsmanship and hardware we use in the construction of our mountain bike clothing. Our policy is pretty simple: if something breaks and it’s our problem, we fix it. You can buy with confidence knowing we stand behind what we sell.

Function and durability

Our collections are small so that we can design with the closest attention to detail and focus on elements that matter the most. We’ve taken inspiration from classic old school American clothing and work-wear brands.

Who the heck are we?

Founded by rider, tech-guy, and mtb clothing proprietor, Brendan Miller in Colorado in 2012. We’re dedicated to making the most durable mountain bike clothing on the planet.