Why Our Shorts Don't Come With a Chamois/Liner

People ask a lot whether our shorts come with a chamois/liner.  There are several reasons why we didn't focus on putting a chamois in our shorts, but the main reason is that we never really thought they were a good value. I've had several mtb baggy shorts  that came with liners/chamois over the years and I've ended up just tossing the liner and opting for my favorite pair of roadie shorts to wear under my baggies.  The roadie shorts fit and hugged everything better, and were simply more comfortable...especially on long rides.  New models of shorts have a separate liner/chamois that detaches, and that makes more sense, but they add unnecessary extra costs if you already have a favorite liner/chamois. We're considering creating a spandex based liner that you can buy separately for underneath baggies in the near future.  In the meantime keep wearing out your favorite chamois, and hopefully by the time you need a new one we'll have one that will suit your posterior.

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