Why a Pair of MTB Shorts Are So Expensive

Did you ever ask yourself why a pair of simple mountain bike shorts can be $100+?  Sure, there's a lot to the manufacturing of it, but that is really a small piece of the cost. Here's the math:  Let's say that fancy pair of $115 shorts you just bought cost $20 to manufacture and ship from China.  Then there's warehouse, marketing, and overhead costs for the American brand.  Let's add another couple bucks on for all that.  Then they sell those shorts to a master distributor for $45.  Then the distributor sells them to your LBS for $60.  Then your LBS gives you a deal on them for $115.  All along the way everyone has to make some money to keep the lights on. Don't get us wrong.  We love the LBS and feel they earn every dime and we don't want to see them go anywhere.  It's a distribution issue and they just happen to be at the end of the delivery chain. We think there is a better way.  1) Manufacture them in the U.S.  (it costs way more and more of a headache, but worth it in our book).  2) Bypass traditional retail distribution channels 3) Pass the savings on to the customer and make it easy to do business with us. 4) Give back to the biking community. By avoiding all of the costs of traditional retail we’re able to offer the same or better quality in American made goods at truly disruptive prices.  As time goes on you'll be able to find us at mountain bike events and eventually at very select locations across the country.  For now, we're exclusively at gravityanomaly.com    

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