The Making of The Best Mountain Bike Chamois in the Biz

How do you make the best mountain bike chamois in the industry?  That is the question we've been working on lately.  It's a tough question.  We're all built anatomically different and what works for one guy doesn't work for another.   We know for a fact that we're tired of the chintzy under short/chamois that come in most mountain bike baggy shorts on the market today.  Most riders we talk to cut them out and wear their own or wear a road bike short underneath.  Most of  the undershorts on the market today are loose fitting, move around on you and the chamois pads are not up to the task. We're on the job.  We came up with some must have's when we started development of our new mountain bike under short: -Silky smooth anti-microbial fabric that is light and breathes -Fabric must have some compression and stretch type qualities to keep everything in its place -No weird seams in weird places (flat lock stitching throughout for strength and comfort) -A chamois pad that is not afraid of the word "Century" -A strong stretch waistband that doesn't chafe. We're not quite there yet, but our new chamois proto type is showing great promise.  It meets several of the above criteria.  We haven't landed on the perfect chamois, but will be testing several more this Summer.Mountain Bike Chamois The waistband graphic is for prototyping only. We'll do a GA branded waistband.

Look for our new under short this Fall.  Got any good ideas for a name?  Let us know what's on your wish list for a mountain bike chamois.

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