The Gravity Anomaly Advantage

We’ve pioneered a new line of mountain bike clothing and a new way of doing business. We’ve spent years innovating—perfecting and advancing our proprietary design and manufacturing formula. We’ve beaten our line-up of clothing literally into the ground and tested…and tested until we got it right. We’ve taken real-world rider and bicycle retailer feedback and now have begun to release our product into the market.


Why our products are different?

Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S, our field-tested, specially formulated materials lead the industry in providing durable and breathable protection while providing superior comfort. You’ll find attention to detail and features that are not found in other mountain biking clothing lines. Features like x-large sun-glass wipes on our jerseys, deep, usable pockets in our shorts, and breathable panels built into our jerseys. We’re most proud of our proprietary Crotch Hug System in our shorts. Your shorts will never get hung up on your seat before that tech section again.


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