So Long Old Friend

The shorts you see here were the best mountain bike shorts you could buy 10 years ago.  They are my first set of Roach shorts.  I remember fondly the day I bought them at the Deep Cove Bike Shop in the summer of 2003.  I remember trying them on and really liking them, but nervous about the product name being "Ladies Only."  I later found out that they were the namesake of a sweet North Shore trail I was about to go go ride.  Amazingly they've lasted 10 years. Brendans-Old-Roaches-225x300 Roach's were made in BC.  The Roach clothing line developed quite a following among the North Shore rider base in the late 90's and early 2000's.  They sold out the brand to a global bicycle parts supplier who got rid of the Founder then decided it would be smart to outsource the manufacturing oversees to maximize profits.  That unnamed global supplier killed the brand name, started making crappy shorts in their own brand name, then the whole company went bankrupt a couple years ago. Everything we are working on at Gravity Anomaly is to recapture the essence of that Roach legacy before it was unnecessarily gutted: simple, durable, affordable, hand made in NA.  We're hoping to do a few of these things really right and someday have a similar legacy.  My Roach shorts won't be hitting the trail anymore, but they'll be hanging up in my office to remind me and everyone around here about the benchmark we're aiming for.  Looking forward to having you join us on the journey.   Do you have a story about your Roach shorts?  We'd like to hear it.  Reply to this post and tell your story. We'll send a t-shirt for the best submission.

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