Riding Clothing You'll Be Proud to Wear

I've always loved things that are overbuilt.  It seems these days our society makes too many things that are under-engineered and are discarded without any thought to where it goes when we are done with it. Right now the garbage dumpster in the alley behind me are chock full of stuff that was under-engineered and lasted a relatively very short period.  When it comes to the biking industry we haven't done much better.  A mountain bike these days only last a few years before it become irrelevant.  Many times that is due to technological innovations, which we welcome, but how about the other things we use while riding.  Shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, gloves? Gravity Anomaly is founded on the belief that the more you wear something the better it becomes.  We design our garments to be practical and timeless and to last the long-haul.  Seams are double sewn so you there is always a back-up, and  if a pocket or seam rips, just send them back and we'll sew it up for free.

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