Recent Reviews of Gravity Anomaly Mountain Bike Shorts and Jerseys

We've been overwhelmed by the great feedback and Gravity Anomaly reviews we've been getting .  In case you've missed some of it... "Slickrock, chain lube and blood have all had their fair shot at Gravity Anomaly’s new products but in all cases the shorts have come out shining" ( "The Teamster is right at home on baggy, bring-your-own-chamois XC or all mountain rides with its 22″ outseam, low profile pockets, seamless crotch and rear stretch yoke panel." -BikeRumor ( "Customer service was top notch, and the shorts arrived a couple days later. I have to say that for 79 bucks they were much more robust than I was expecting. The style and fit were the kind of thing you look for in a mountain short but never find." -Alex B., Made Movement ( "...The overall design of both shorts lend themselves to comfortable riding whether your sitting in the saddle pedaling or standing up descending and rocketing down the trail. I was impressed with the water and mud shedding of the nylon material in the shorts and the sweat wicking ability of the jersey. The clothing itself looks great too. It isn’t styled like some moto racer boy clown suit..." -JA Caldwell, Old Glory MTB ( "I absolutely love them. Bar none, the best shorts I've ever owned. Got a lot of comments about them as well...You have a superior product, the craftsmanship shows and I'm proud to own your apparel goods." -Calvin Stiles, Nogas Wheels NC "These shorts are working out great...super comfy and the fit for me is perfect... laid it down a couple times real good and no holes in the fabric.." -Erik Sounders, USA Brand Manager, VP Components    

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