Our Commitment and Continual Pursuit of American Made

We've just completed our first 30 days of launch and we've been getting a lot of great feedback on the shorts and forthcoming jerseys.   Everywhere we go people are excited to not only find a pair of riding shorts that fit and moves well on their body, but also something that is homegrown here in the good 'ol USA.  We are truly in the pursuit of building a better riding short and jersey through developing direct rider relationships and putting the feedback right back into our products.  One way to get to better riding apparel we believe is to have it all sourced, graded, marked, cut, and sewn in the USA.  To us, its is just the way it should be .  We'd prefer to be recognized first for making a great short and jersey, and secondly having something that helps keep the American economy humming. 2013-04-26 13.13.25 Short fabric being cut in LA.[/caption] Our main challenge going forward and a pursuit we are dedicated to, is sourcing all made in USA performance fabric.  Our problem is not a cost issue, but actually finding performance materials and fabric that fits our quantity and performance requirements.  It doesn't make any sense to make a garment whose performance qualities suck just to say its 100% Made in USA. Currently, we're happy to say all our tees and Half-Nelson jersey are 100% made in USA from domestic fabric.  The short fabric is imported through a U.S. based supplier in Los Angeles.   The import fabric on our shorts ends up being about 12% of the manufacturing cost per short.   Another way of looking at it is 88% of a pair of our shorts is American, and we're working to make it 100%. In our desire to be fully transparent, we highlight on each product on the website whether the fabric is imported or domestic. Got questions?  Know a good U.S. performance fabric supplier we should talk to?  Send us an email.  Keep the feedback coming. Brendan

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