Crested Butte Bike Week Wrap up

There's nothing like climbing up Snodgrass in the middle of the heat of the day to put life on reset. Snodgrass Snodgrass

Things were hectic getting down to the Butte on Wednesday night.  We got a late start from Denver, came over Cottonwood Pass after midnight (not recommended for the faint of heart), the back glass on the truck broke leaving our inventory, tent, and supplies open to the elements, and we lost our WiFi hotspot we use to process cc transactions (not to mention a crying 1 year old and a 4 year old asking when will we get there every 5 minutes). We powered through.  Got up on Thursday morning to a beautiful day and rode up Snodgrass from the hotel to kick off the weekend and get the legs going again.  It was a great reset to a crummy start.  The event highlight was definitely the Chainless race on Friday.  Part race and part freak show pretty much sums it up.   It was also great to kick back with some new and old CB friends.

Chainless race participant.  That outfit was the real deal from Austria. Chainless race participant. That outfit was the real deal from Austria.[/caption] Thanks to everyone that came by the tent.   We had a great time meeting you and look forward to connecting again in the future.

The GA tent ready to go. The GA tent ready to go. Brendan

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