A Peak Inside The Making of the Toughest Mountain Bike Short on the Planet

After the design process is complete patterns are created. 

Then the patterns are digitized for grading and marketing for correct sizing.  Then the fabric is layed out ready to be cut using the markers.  This is our facility outside LA.

Once the fabric is cut it is ready to be sewn.  Some pieces are sent to the printer for printing.  One of our screen printers near our production facility. 2013-04-26 13.50.03 Then the product is sewn.  This a flat lock sew machine in use.  This is a heavy duty machine. 2013-04-26 13.25.05Once protos and samples have been thoroughly tested and abused  production is set and the product goes out the door ready to be shipped. 2013-04-30 18.45.02   Check out the finished LongHaul and Teamster shorts.

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