A Note We Got From a Customer Wearing our Shorts Today...

Got this note from a customer today and just had to share: Dear Brendan, I am hard pressed to find few if any, Made in The U.S.A. clothes in my closet, and even harder pressed to find mountain bike gear Made in USA.   I am so happy and proud to be wearing Gravity Anomaly.  Its the best conceived, best designed, and best built clothing in my wardrobe.   The Made In The U.S.A. IS REAL and it means something.  This morning there was an article on how median household income in this country has dropped lower than it was in 1989.  Not to mention the poverty rate is at an all time high and unemployment is still somewhere above 7%.  We need jobs and we need more business doing what you are doing.      It is very rare in this age of worldwide manufacturing competition to see such excellence and value made right here.  Way to Go.  Keep up the good work.   D.Lawry Denver, CO

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